Sunday, August 19

late night at Marciano's. :)

last night my family, A and i went to see the Expendables 2 (w/c is by the way a great cool movie!) @ Greenbelt 3, however the movie's scheduled at 12midnight, we were there by 10:30pm. 

what to do on that spare time? :) EAT!

since my mom and one of my brother (Ken) have not yet eaten dinner, we sought Marciano's Pizza. Pasta. Steak.  :)

A and i saw this place 2 weeks ago and decided to have dinner in there sometime during our long-anniversary celebration. from outside, you can see the red-black-white vintage themed set up they got and it's really attractive and appealing to a foodie just like me!

we ordered the following from their menu:

  • Tiffany's Breaded Mozzarella 
  • Annie Hall Salad
  • West Side Four Seasons Pizza
  • Ellis Island Oysters
  • Charlie Chaplin 3 Cheese Burger
  • All Chocolate Ice cream
  • Peach Almond Torte
everything tasted delectable and the ambiance was cozy, warm and alluring. fit for a classic Hollywood-inspired night out. 

plus the crew is really nice. :) plus points to you guys at Marciano's!!!

here are some pictures that we took:

ken and kai 

A, Tita Gay and me

my tita gay and me again :)

A and me :)

all chocolate ice cream :) guess who ordered it. :))))

peach almond torte with tita gay :)

good food + action packed movie + gummy bears + A's surprise letter for me at the end of the day = HEAVEN!!!

i hope you'd found your special formula of heaven too!


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