Tuesday, August 14


the Philippines was in the headlines for almost a week as a thick cloudy monsoon enveloped the national capital region with heavy rain showers and powerful winds. this said event had punished numerous families and caused them to seek out the relocation centers.

even in our own barangay, they were not spared. families, who are members of the church, from our local settlements were flooded knee-deep and this flood occasionally rises as rain falls. 

this calls for our Social Services Development Ministry  or SSDM to do what they can to help their members.

at 8pm my mama, the SSDM secretary, was called by our 4 titos/uncles (Pol, Deo, Kiko, Lito) to help distribute food at relocation centers. both of us did not hesitate to help even though the rain was casting its fury.

at about 9pm the sopas was finally ready. along with tito Bam, tita Irene and Jason (they are a family who are barangay officials and also devoted members of our parish) we headed to feed the hungry.

here are some pictures while we were at the Sports Complex taken from tito Bam's phone. :)

Jason (wearing a varsity jacket) giving out spoons

mama and tatay Kiko. :)

I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love.  ~Mother Teresa
do what you can do to help. the feeling of just seeing them smile at you and say Salamat po ate, (thank you, big sister) is rewarding. :)


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