Tuesday, August 14

raiding the night away. :)

hello everyone! i know its been a long time since my last post. :P forgive me but last week was a historical event for Habagat or monsoon, for the rain ultimately did not cease to fall from Monday until Wednesday causing a dramatic scale of unfortunate events for a Pinoy. 

hope was not lost during these season of turmoil but gained the profound unity of prayer and charity from different people of all sorts and sizes. not only that but the essence of being a Christian endowed everyone. 

after the rain has calmed down some of my friends and i raided a stash of coffee and Energen from our cupboards with sari-saring papay (bread) from Albeth's while reflecting from these phenomena.

a spirit of a Filipino cannot be drowned over a deep flood, mind you. it a lesson for me to find joy in everything and when i say everything i meant EVERYTHING. :)

just like these snapshots of making faces on my webcam :)) haha! enjoy!

i would like to leave this funny slogan i saw on FB. :)

Baha ka lang, Pilipino Ako!

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