Tuesday, May 21

Summer Ensembles: Puerto Galera.☺

since my last post is about my recent trip to Galera, let me share with you a couple of looks that I've put together.☺

DAY 1: Aboard

i wanted to have that comfy, summer look. :) i put on this printed top with my fave denim shorts at the moment and just slipped on my pair of Sperry's. i added this beige cardigan because i considered the fact that we are traveling by an air conditioned bus. don't want to catch a cold! :)

  • TOP- its from a brand called Candy.
  • CARDIGAN- from Esprit, got it in ang Ukay store for 20 pesos. :)
  • BOTTOMS- this is my 20 peso shorts, got it also from Ukay.
  • SHOES- Sperry Top-Siders in Sahara.
  • BAG- from Jansport
  • EARRINGS- bronze studs from F21
DAY 1: Explore

after arriving at our destination, we took a couple of hours dozing off. :) we woke up at dusk. knowing that we were in the beach, i paired this animal printed top with a tie dye short shorts.

  • TOP- animal printed hanging blouse from Ukay.
  • BOTTOM- blue tie-dyed shorts from Ukay.
  • FOOT WEAR- Havaianas  Top in Rose Gold 

DAY 1: Sling Out

being spotted at the night scene was part of the agenda. :)) i wanted to look chic but not too much for the night out so i put on a pink maxi skirt and knitted top. 

  • TOP- knitted top from Ukay.
  • BOTTOM- pink sheer maxi skirt from Coco Cabana.
  • FOOT WEAR- Havaianas in Rose Gold
  • EARRINGS- same bronze studs from F21
DAY 2: Fresh

time to swim and snorkel! :) i have my bathing suit underneath this white top and azure colored shorts. 

  • TOP- white shirt from Ukay.
  • BOTTOMS- azure short shorts from U2, got it from Ukay.
  • FOOT WEAR- Adidas Beach Shoes
  • EYE WEAR- from SM
DAY 2: Swim!

  • TOP- black halter bathing suit from Tomato
  • BOTTOMS-Speedo trunks. *wink!
DAY 2: Travel

after the morning activities, its time to visit Tamaraw Falls! :) i put on this cute lace tube over my bathing suit and wore my woven hat. 

  • TOP- white lace tube top from Ukay
  • FOOT WEAR- Havaianas in Rose Gold
  • ACCESSORIES- Straw hat from SM

DAY 3: Shop

last ootd! :)

  • TOP- neon orange tank top from Ukay
  • BOTTOMS- floral shorts from Chill. :)
  • FOOT WEAR- Havaianas in Rose Gold
  • ACCESSORIES- shades from SM.
yey! we're done! these are just the clothes that i've bought with me during the trip.
most of the pieces from my vacation ensembles are from ukay-ukay. :) who can tell that these clothes costs 20 or 50 pesos? i am proud that these outfits cost less, look cute and really show off my personality. loving these ukay-ukay collection of mine!♥☺ thank you for reading! 

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