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good day everyone! :)

how are you doing? sorry for being absent from my blog for a long time. i just came home from a recent trip away from the busy, fast-paced life here in the urban. :) sometimes it really just amazing when you get an enormous amount of blessing from our Lord! He let me and my church friends to travel 130 kilometers south of Manila to this isle of White Beach, Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro. 

this is my first time traveling for a real VACATION. :) so i'm just really super excited! haha! it took us months to plan for this summer's fun out and i must say it was worth it! 

Puerto Galera is dubbed as the "poor-man's Boracay" mainly because of the similar white sand on its coast. there are so many things to love about this place! 
  1. Budget-friendly- based on experience, traveling here with a group makes everything survivable. for more or less than 3 thousand pesos, you can stay and try all of the activities for 3 days and 2 nights.
  2. People- i love meeting new friends anywhere because i'd like to hear their stories and life experiences. one of the things i noticed about Galera is the friendly people. they are honest and hard-working. in our 3-day stay there no one tried to con us or take advantage of us. they earn their living true and clear.
  3. Food- okay, where do i start??? hahaha! i just love the perfection of their grilled pork, squid, chicken, kebabs. plus the rice is screaming, "EAT ME! EAT ME!" delicious! the prices are not at all bad. food budget for each meal ranges from 99-200 pesos at most. :)
  4. Environment- its every Biologists' dream to be surrounded by diverse wildlife, well, Puerto's got snorkeling and hiking! perfect for searching crawlers, fish and corals. ♥.♥ the beach is also kept clean and preserved. :)
  5. Activities- everything that they offer is for 200 pesos each person. just to mention a few:
okay so now i'll stop blabbing and show you guys the photos from the trip. 

@ Batangas Port 1. we got the round trip ferry ticket for 500pesos.

boarding the bangka. :)

inside the bangka. :)

Ate Joy & Kristel, Ate Sarah & Ate Jhing :)

Marlon, Angeli, Jek, A & me

we arrived after an hour on the bangka. :)

this is the Lagundian, our home for the 3 days we've spent in Galera. it is located on top of a mountain. you have to climb the stairs to get there. every step that you take is really worth it because once you've reach the top, the view is breath-taking. :) in terms of privacy and security, this place is a guarantee!

our rooms. :) spacious and equipped with a television in one and a fridge in the other. :) each has its own bathroom, air conditioner, cabinets, and a pantry.

the view from Lagundian. :) 

White Beach. :)

  • watch bold and talented fire dancers on the beach font!
  • try their MANGO and STRAWBERRY scramble! :) this is so delicious! i could taste real fruits being used and not just flavoring
  • visit TAMARAW FALLS. this is a must! for 200 pesos each person  you'll get to have an adventure  that you'll never forget. 
  • ISLAND HOPPING- we went to 2 islands. :)
  • FOOD TRIPS. :)
  • SHOPPING for souvenirs.
  • let's not forget to try the famous drink, MINDORO SLING.
those 3 days were really blessed with friendship, fun and most of all love.♥ i would like to come back there and try the other activities like riding the banana boat, para-sailing, trying out the extreme sports (riding motor bikes), and of course hiking! having a henna tatoo can also be on the list. haha. so much activity so little time. 

thank you for reading! i do hope that you guys could visit Puerto Galera, you won't regret it!
the next post will surely be more photo heavy! be ready! 

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