Friday, May 10

me, myself and i.☺


last night @ McDonald's with a couple of treasured friends, i realized something. even though we've known each other for almost 6 years now they still don't know certain FACTS about me and we're surprised to discover that i did things like this and that. :)) 

so with out further ado here are some facts about me.☺
  1. i was born a premature 5lbs baby on January 14, 1991 at around 5 minutes past 12. :) 
  2. i was a colic baby meaning i always have gas! hahahaha! 
  3. my dad can carry me with only 1 hand on my 1st week as an infant.
  4. i'm lactose intolerant when i was a baby so i only drink soya milk.
  5. i'm  the 1st baby born in my immediate family and the only girl for 15 years, making me the princess. =)))) hahahah. the "princess" thing is only in my discretion.
  6. i called my grandmother and grandfather as LOLA GANDA and LOLO POGI.
  7. i was a lola's girl.♥
  8. i had the apple cut hairstyle from kinder up to nowadays.
  9. i have 3 dimples (on the cheek and 2 on the mouth area).
  10. i have a birthmark at the left part of my upper back.
  11. i have 5 moles on my face, one located in my eyeball.
  12. i have a lot of childhood friends! they are Ate Maple, Bok (Trish), Pam, Patrick, Pauline, and Ashey. 
  13. most of my childhood summer vacation were spent in Baguio City.
  14. i got my 1st glasses when i was in the 5th grade.
  15. my 1st out of the country trip was also during the 5th grade.
  16. favorite Disney Land ride was Indiana Jones' Adventure! :)
  17. 1st pet was a bunny, Pinky.
  18. when i was 7, i joined a contest on Cartoon Network, GET TOONED. i won and i was transformed into a ballerina cartoon and was featured at Balitang K. :)
  19. i was born during the year of the Horse.
  20. my 1st task as a journalism student was to cover sport events in our school and i grabbed 3rd place in an interschool sports writing competition.
  21. in college, i won 2 essay writing contests and won cash prizes! yipeee!
  22. i was forced to join the 2007 Mr. and Ms. Biology pageant and won 1st runner up. :P
  23. i graduated from public schools in Makati during elementary ad highschool, and from a state university in college.
  24. graduated as 2nd honorable mention in high school. :)
  25. got accepted in UP Manila but i went to Philippine Normal University instead. :)
  26. i'm a Biology major.
  27. i am a licensed teacher
  28. i never had Rebond treatment but i have colored my hair twice already.
  29. i stand 5 feet 2 inches.
  30. i had my 1st real romance/ boyfriend when i was in college already.
  31. i've always had the same weight ever since 2nd year in high school!!! XD
  32. i can play the guitar, ukelele and banduria.
  33. i'm an ALTO.
  34. i love reading! :) and writing is a hobby.
  35. i love shopping at ukay-ukays.
  36. i collect frogs, Sylvanian Familes and school supplies.
  37. i'm talkative.
  38. i'm always happy. :)
  39. i hate chickens, literally and figuratively.
  40. i'm a fan of the Clef and Umi love team!
  41. i had braces for 1 1/2 years.
  42. i can't apply eyeliner. :))
  43. i am the exact female replica of my younger brother, Kai.
  44. i am currently studying to become a doctor of medicine. :) wish me luck!
  45. no fave songs, books, movies, TV shows, color because i have tons!
  46. i love both kids and elderly.
  47. i'm a sucker for weddings. :))
  48. my 1st ever celebrity crush was Leonardo di Caprio.
  49. i once dreamt of being an astronomer. :))
  50. i loved Greek Mythology so much after watching Disney's Hercules so i got the Britannica collection and started reading about these Greek gods at first then the next thing i know i'm on Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing!
  51. my undergraduate thesis is about silver nitrate and fish eggs.
  52. i seldom watch local TV. :( sorry.
there! 51 random facts! :) i hope you found something that we have in common!

and i CHALLENGE you could share some info about you so i'm tagging KONI MACAPAGAL AKA JHINSKY23 to post something like this in you blog!♥ haha!☺

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