Sunday, January 6

wanted! :)


good day to everyone! since my last post, i have been to a lot to weddings and Christmas parties. one party that i have been to was a post Christmas celebration by the Our Lady of Fatima Parish Choir also known as FPC. 

the theme for the party was WILD, WILD, WEST. :) dressing up in their checkered shirts, leather belts and knee-high boots, everyone had a great time! the food was catered and games were also prepared by the youth members of the choir.

oldies and newbies (members) were present and enjoyed the overflowing drinks, chips, and non-stop karaoke. not to mention that the party lasted until 6am. XD

here are some pictures of the event. 

A, me, Ate Joy, Epoy. :)
 with the choir :)

tita peng's game of luck escalated the mood! the reason was because of this!

 look at all that MOOOOOLAHHHH! :)) hahahahah

Jerick was the 1st one to try....he got....
200pesos! :) 

when it was my turn :)) hahahhahaa i got 50! 
well that was it! :) i hope you guys have attended a fun holiday party!
write to you soon!

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