Thursday, January 10

“It requires a certain kind of mind to see beauty in a hamburger bun.” -Ray Kroc


kamusta everyone? <*cheerful tone>

i'm really happy to share a new discovery of good, satisfying burgers! :) hehehe well since i was quite disappointed that my ol-time fave burger stand started using as many meat extenders than real meat. *ehem! if you guys had the same sentiments, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! i feel for you!

anyway the story goes like this...12 or so past midnight while on our way back from the last wedding, without having dinner and the last meal was served on 2pm, our stomachs were churning in pain! literally! i was used in skipping meals (for diet's sake, cramming, etc.) but this was the first time i felt the cramps of my abdominal muscles and felt the acid rising from my stomach. 

THE BURGER PROJECT was just at Jupiter cor. Planet Sts. Makati City! when we saw it the 5 of us lit up and had one of the best times in a resto! :) the signage out front was really eye catching, simple and appealing to anybody. heck! even the name of the restaurant was very interesting. (see below)

once inside we were greeted by the friendly staff and gave us this mini clip boards that contains our order sheet. an individual sheet was exclusive to one person only. the fun of filling up that blank checklist of numerous choices of burger toppings, sauces, buns, and even Angus or regular beef patty sets the dining excitement to a whole new level. :)

the food (burgers) was YUMMMMY! scrumptious if you must. the serving of just 1 burger was like..hmm...6 inches in diameter! if couldn't devour the whole thing you could share it! :) we also order the mozzarella sticks, chili fries and animal fries, yummy as well and talk about filling! the milk shakes was thick and very creamy. i really can't express it in english but in tagalog, "alam mo na hindi ka tinitipid."

soooo...last night i was with my family and A. i introduced them to TBP. :) and just as i thought...THEY LOVE IT!

sorryy..i look ridiculous! haha :)

me and A plus vanilla milkshake! 

my mama, she ordered French Lick...well she loved the burger but it was too big for her..sooo i ended up finishing it for her. :) big room in my tummy!

ze daddy with ze mama :)

the boys (my bros) and my tita Gay enjoying the fries as their appetizers. 

my Tita Gay ordered the Western burger (i think) a burger with 2 pieces of onion rings, with the patty, and a lot of burger topping goodies, its like a tower when they serve it.

okay..this is Kai's own customized 2-patty burger. :)

daddy. :) enjoying his Chori burger. 
note: Chori (accd to dad) is a beef patty that has similar taste to our longganisa.

Zyg and Kai 

A also customized his burger. dozing his double patty with a combination of  teriyaki and garlic sauce.

for the brave one Ken, topping his double patty with pickled jalapeños in a potato bun :) 

there you have it fellas! i hope that this long post has made you wanna try this resto. :) just in case you want to try something new other than the fast food stalls. 
they are open until midnight during weekdays and up until 3am during weekends. branches are in QC (teacher's village) and in vito cruz, near La Salle.

hope you guys had a nice day!

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