Thursday, January 31

color combo #1: neutrals and dark green

as i've promised before in my January updates blog i would try my best to share with you some of my ootds. and yes for this month i have one. :) 

ever since i got my Sperry Top-Siders from A last Christmas, i make it to a point that i incorporate it in my wardrobe. that means no more loose shirts, baggy pants and chucks (my typical outfit. :)) so yesterday i wore this:

TOP- SM Surplus
PANTS- Unica Hija (sale for 250)
SHOES- Sperry Top-Sider
BAG- thrifted
ACCESSORIES- Seiko V gold watch 
Gold Beaded Bracelets 

the outfit feels boyish but polished at the same time :) one thing that really love in my closet are my neutrals because they can go with anything! plus i really do love earth tones as this outfit shows. :)
thanks for reading!


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