Wednesday, January 23

January Updates! :)

hello everyone!

finally! i was able to sit down and write updates for my blog. sorry for the delay, sometimes i do tend to spend most of my valuable time playing Sims 2 or reading my anatomy text books. anyway...this post is all about U-P-D-A-T-E-S. :)

on the TOP of the list: I JUST TURNED 22 this month! (yey!!!!!) will be posting a photo-heavy blog of a simple celebration with family and friends. :)

next is that: i have a new cellphone casing haha! :) well if you guys really know me...i proudly own a Nokia X1-00. wiFi, no camera, no bluetooth, no everything but it is the perfect match for my personality. plus i found a really cute dust stopper on Clipper. its just sooo adorable...i've got to have it!

another update that is so hard to believe is (drum roll please!) that I'M WORKING OUT. hahaha! yeah. i really wanted to wear a swimsuit i found online this coming summer vacation. in order for me to do that is to work my lazy butt off. i'll post something about it soon. 
(p.s. if it works! hahaha) are MORE froggy gifts from my friends!  

last of my update is that i'll really try to post more ootds, diy's, ukay hauls, ukay tips and many fashion stuff. and i'm no camille co (omg she's soooooo beautiful!) or any fashionista blogger like the rest but i hope you could stick around my posts and possibly my life. :) because writing makes me happy, i hope reading this could make you smile as well.♥

so..i'll see you on my next post! and i will keep you guys updated! i do promise that.☺

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