Monday, January 28

5thingsI♥: chilly days BFFs

hello everyone!

have you suffered from dry skin during cold days such as those we are experiencing this past weeks? i don't know about you guys but i have. :P as i always say, "prevention is better than cure" so to avoid further damage i found FIVE things that i really loved using during these kinds of days. 

  • Jergen's Original Scent Lotion- i really love using these lotion because of the subtle, sweet smell that it leaves on the skin after application, it also does its job in moisturizing the skin quite better than i expected because if you're to compare the prices, this brand is cheaper in bigger size. 

  • Apollo's Petroleum Jelly- by experience i found out that this product helped me cure the wind burns (i got in Tagaytay some week ago) around my lips. it's like magic! once you put it on *tenen! the burns were moisturized immediately and eventually healing the skin. its tasteless, colorless and leaves no scent. 
  • Cetaphil- this skin cleanser doubles as a moisturizer for my face. i like to use it 1st as a cleanser then i'll dry my face with a towel then apply a thin layer of the product again (no water this time). it helps my face stay smooth and very healthy.
  • Lip and Cheek Tint from the Body Shop- i seldom wear make-up or i terribly suck at it BUT this one is my life saver! its like i have a blush and lipstick both in the same bottle. :) the color that it leaves on the skin depends on you and how much product you apply. i'm simply in loveeee with it!

  • Bath and Body Works' Green Clove and Aloe Body Spray- for fragrance. i love the crisp, fresh smell that this one leaves on my body. :)
the first 3 are usually found on the drugstores, the lip and cheek tint is available at the Body Shop, and the body spray is available at the Bath and Body Works. :)

that's about it! these are the basic things that i found pretty much helpful to me during these cold January days. :) 
i'll write to you guys soon!

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