Thursday, January 31

going KRAZY over GARLIC! :)

Allium sativum or more commonly known as garlic has been used to aromatically indulge the sense while eating and adding that unique pungent taste to our favorite dishes. :) cooking is not the only use of garlic, it is one of the 4 powerful herbs that could act as antiseptic, antihelmintic, diaphoretic, diuretic, expectorant and stimulant! amazing garlic is amazing! :) 

one resto in Greenbelt makes delicious dishes with a twist of garlic. its called Krazy Garlik. just by seeing the name you'll immediately conclude that they love garlic! :) taking garlic as it is, a good quality herb, they were able to create dishes that are not only yummy but also modifying the taste buds into a whole new different dining experience!

here are some photos of yesterday @ Krazy Garlic. :)

cute little garlic guy on the menu! :)
cheese puffs with dip and kimchi. :)
the Krazy Garlik salad. :)
2 kinds of pizza. :)
tuna belly and our free voucher of anchovies on bread (sorry forgot the name of the dish!)
fruit shakes! yum! :) GOTTA TRY "DRINK ME"

i hope you guys could try this restaurant one day. :) i highly recommend it! haha.
if you guys have one of those bistro cards you could have 20% discount on every transaction! ask the manager or even the friendly waiters if you want to avail the card.
that's it more this post!

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