Thursday, October 17

They are Our Dream Come True. :)

For together we stand, divided we fall
Together we climb to the top of the world
We can be what we want for the world to see
We are the children of yesterday's dream

October 15 is a very special date for 2 of my good friends, Ate JM and Kuya Bry. It's their second wedding anniversary plus their son, Joab's, 1st birthday. :) They have decided to spend that particular day by sharing all the wondrous blessings given by our Lord, Jesus, to the little orphan girls living at Ang Bahay ni Maria.


There we were, happily celebrating the love and compassion of the Jebulan-Lardizabal family with 55 precious little girls plus 1 young boy. The experience touched everyone who attended the event. We started with a prayer, then to break the ice Kuya Bry and Ate JM thoughtfully initiated one of my favorite games during our PYM team buildings, BAHAY, BAGYO, TAO! Oh boy, that game never fails! After playing, those kid's adrenaline shoot up and delightedly sung along with us with a song.

Every moment was heart felt especially when the children started to sing 2 action songs that tickled everyone's lacrimal gland. One song was about Mama Mary and the next was Children of Yesterday's Dream.When they sung the 1st song, there was a line there that made an impact on my heart.

"Our mother's name is Mary!"

These five words. These simple five words that even a four year old could understand meant a lot to them. It seemed that they are telling us that, our Mother, Mary, is caring, loving, and praying for us always. I was on the brink of letting my tears fall but alas! Control came over when I saw them smiling back at me. :)

here are some photos from that day with the kids grabbed from Ate JM's facebook :)

One of my favorite shots of that day. :)

A Million Roses for Peace

"look up, tayo!" -the girls

It was a day to remember. :) I just want to thank the Jebulan-Lardizabal gang for letting me and A experience this kind of deed. This event brought more depth in my view of sharing and caring for our country's future. Meeting these young princesses, hearing their laughs, and receiving their warm embraces made me want to strive harder as a medical student. Definitely in the years to come, they'll be a source of inspiration and hope to other young girls and boys.

What a very momentous way to kick-start my month-long semester break! :) I hope you guys liked this post!
For more details in the planning of this event, follow Ate JM's blog here. :)
Write to you again soon!
Remember to SHINE! :)

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