Monday, June 3

OOTD: transitions.☺

happy 6th month of the year to you my dear readers!☺ we are already halfway done for 2013! yey! good job guys! now only 6 months to go!

so this blog is about how i wore my summer pieces and create a "rainy day" look for the La Niña seasons. (too bad the Philippines has only 2 seasons. *sigh)

A and i supposed to have a lunch date at Ma Maison before he left for Boracay. however later on that day the sun was shaded by dark, sinister rain clouds. it poured soon afterwards. so i came up with an idea to use my F21 black boots i bought 2 years ago and only worn 4 times. i just thought that using these on a rainy day is appropriate and stylish. :))

i paired up these boots with a light linen tunic from Petit Monde. :)

the look wouldn't be complete without my ultra black tights, black watch from Guess, and to add a pop of color i grabbed my  red M&M's bag from American Boulevard.

there you have it! a simple look with just 5 pieces. :) 
write to you guys soon!

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