Friday, November 8

Caleb @ 2.☺

“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.” 
― Anne Frank

Hello everyone!

      Time goes by so fast, just a year ago we joined the Cuachons in celebrating their baby boy's, Jaden Caleb, 1st birthday and just this 2nd day of Novemeber, family and friends are gathered at Jollibee, Magallañes to once again unite with this loving family in honoring Caleb's second birthday. :) 

        I personally enjoyed the party not just because I really love Jollibee but it is also because the host, Kuya She, kept the party alive, energized and super fun! There are games for both adults and kids plus surprise or in my own terms, ambushed dance number by the Padi Dudi youth! Another part of this gathering that I appreciated are the BABIES! A and I's Sunday playmates, Brii, Miel, Jari and baby Gab, are all invited and are sharply dressed for the party. 

          Here are some photos of the event from Len's camera. :) 

The Cuachons with the always happy, Jollibee :)

Here's Caleb's ninong Martin and Mommy, Ate Camille.

The Cuachons with Lolo Zeke and Ate Che.

Babysitting for Miel. :) 

GAB! :)

AMBUSHED!!!! We danced to the tune of "Whoops-Skiri-Whoops" haha! I was so embarrassed!!! I haven't seen the dance steps before but I jut have to go along with it! Really fun!

Girls VS Boys Game. The men lost the game and therefore punished to spell C-A-L-E-B with their butts!

Blowing of the cake by the birthday boy. :)

This one is soooooo....ADORABLE! :) 

      I just can't wait for the next year's party! Wishing Caleb many many many more birthdays to come and more love! We know that he is a good boy and we'll always pray for him and his family. :) We love you playmate! 

    thank you guys for reading!

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