Saturday, October 26

OLFC Experience: Recording Studio

Hello everyone! 
I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the semester break. :)

In celebration of the 44 long years of singing and serving the Lord, the Our Lady of Fatima Choir, aka OLFC or Fatima Parish Choir, will have a benefit concert entitled: Through the Years, this coming December 7 at the OLFP church. In preparation of the said concert we will also release an album of the songs very dear to the group. These songs will then be recorded as a legacy of the choir.

Luckily for me, a newbie, I was invited by one of the choir masters, Tito Tongie, to join the recording. Initially, I did not commit myself in attending the practices because I  already do have a lot on my plate as a medical student but I thank God because I was able to make up for the lost time by practicing on my own and listening to my fellow altos' recordings of the punched notes. I may be talking Greek here, hehe, but those of you who are choir member might understand the uttermost importance of the said punched notes. 

The first of the many more recording session happened this last Thursday, October 24 at the Scandic Palace Suite in Brgy. San Isidro, Makati City. My over all impression of the place was relaxing. I mean the pool side, where we stayed is just so cute and refreshing. :)

Here's the scene: the recording will be done per voice section since the recording studio is just enough to fit a group of 10. Altos goes first, then the Sops, Tenors and last but not the least, the mighty Basses.

When the time comes for the altos to record, I had butterfly flutters in my belly. I also had mixed feelings before, during and after the recording. I can't really explain it but I can really conclude based on my first hand experience and data gathered from my choir mates, RECORDING A SONG IS HARD. Kudos to those who are recording artists and SoundCloud people, you guys rock! Perfection-ly wise, I think is painstakingly hard. The first time is the hardest, based on my OWN opinion and experience but as we progress along the night, I think all of us gained confidence to deliver justice to the songs. :) 

here are some photos of the studio from my BFF, Marlon. 

the equipment. :)

this is the other room, for the solos I think.

the view from where we stand recording w/the lyrics of the songs

meet the EXCITED me. LOL haha

just posing for the cam! smile! :)

Another day well spent! As you've seen in my last post, I did another 1st again. This is my first time ever recording not just 1 but 3 songs in a recording studio! Isn't that awesome!!! YEAH! I am still really happy about it until now. I do have that "hangover" hehe. 

So, that's about it. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I'll write to you soon!

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