Tuesday, November 13

the queen Bee's 22nd.♥

hello! :)

nice to be back again. so last Saturday, 11-09-12, was Abby's (Abz, Bee, MR) 22nd birthday celebration held at UNO Pizzeria by the sea @MOA. it was like a mini reunion for us. i haven't seen these people for a lonnnngggg time. 

are you wondering why Abby has so many nicknames? haha. that's because she has a very long name: MARY ROSE AVEGAIL VASQUEZ BAYONITO. see? while i got 3 letters for my name. you can even call her rose, well i don't know if some people call her that, but all of us calls her Abby. 

we were together since EVER. :) we started the 1st grade together and we reunited when we were in the 4th grade, went to the same highschool and graduated from the next one we attended. :) i remember our phone calls that would last like forever, talking about crushes, clothes, how to do this and how to do that, what if some guy wanted to hatid at sundo her or me in our homes. something like that. hahaha. the topics are endless. i could even remember me telling her that i would help her plan her dream wedding and design her gown...oh memories of those days are really special. i can talk to her about everything, without her judging me like some kind of freak. :) 

thank you abby for the wonderful night! you know bee, i'm always here for you and the rest of the gang :) it was really nice seeing everyone. to know how their lives have been since high school. well, i hope to get together this coming holidays! i love you to bits Abby!♥

here are some photos:

Bee and Me :)
Kuya Albert (B's kuya), Bee, & Rhii (B's baby sister)
A, me, Lon, Bee, & Rhii
Klang and Bee. :)
Behn, Bee, Klang, Me 
UNO's next TOP MODEL :) haha!
the BOYS w/ the bday girl :) (jethro, lon, laurenze, arvee, geoff, ken & behn)
 PARTY! :)

we really enjoyed the night! thank you Abby! :)
see you soon babe!♥

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