Monday, November 5

nostalgia part 2.♣

hello everybody!

first monday of the month! how are you guys holding? hehe i hope everything's fine! God will let it be. :)

so last loooong weekend here in the Philippines lasted for 4 days! *yey! we did a lot of things here including visiting love ones who are already in the arms of our Lord. 

last november 2 along with Jek's family, Angeli, A, and i headed for Sarjento Mariano. its a cemetery located in Pasay (different place from Cementina) near EDSA. first we visited Jek's grandfather and grandmother. while being there we ate alot of chips, cupcakes and drank sodas. it seemed like a picnic! :)

listening to tita Linette's, Jek's mom, stories about their pamahiin in Leyte was also part of the chit-chat. plus we did step over a small bonfire before leaving each grave. i really don't know why we did it. it was like a tradition for them. remind me to ask the next time. :)

after visiting Jek's relatives we went to mine. i introduced them to my great grandfather and great grandmother, 2 of my lolos and one lola.

my lola sa tuhod (great grandmother) named lola Salud died when she was a hundred years old. i remember her as this lady who plays a lot with me while visiting her in one of her son's clinic. she often scares me but fails instead she'll just tickle me and laugh at my absurd stories about my elephant-changing-to-butterfly lola Ganda. :)) oh dear my imagination still runs just as wild as before. hehehe.

we go home after that and had dinner at Jek's place. :) great way to end the day was to reminisce it all back...from start to finish. here are some pictures. 

Angeli! this will make you day!
with tita Linette, A and Angeli.
renzie, feeling nya bora ung background hahaha.
tito Henry
just chillin' by the graves. XD

group pictures :)

What I'm Wearing:
Striped B&W Boyfriend Shirt
Black leggings- from the Landmark
black Monobo flats (not shown in photos)

have a great day! more post to come!

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