Monday, November 5

intense Saturday! :)

hello people! :)

QUESTION: have you ever been on a jam-packed weekend day??? full of fun activities that gets your adrenaline pumping? well i'm sure everybody has been on it. :) and guess what i experienced it just a few days ago. 

last Saturday came by so fast and the day passed in a snap! my day started like this:

  • early morning meeting with daddy Dax. :) for the church and for the youth ministry. 
  • went home, ate lunch then i have to get ready for Caleb's 1st birthday party.
  • be at Caleb's party in Magallañes Village. *yey party!
  • head to Dylann's (my inaanak) 1st birthday party.
  • head home, meet tita Gay, Zyg and Abby.
  • have coffee @ illy. :)
whew! my day couldn't get any better! early in the morning meeting up with one of the most brilliant minds i know in the church was inexpiable! i came up with a realization that he will be guiding us as we journey to the future, serving the church. :)

Caleb's party was a HIT! :) there were so many babies! i love kids and just being around them makes me want to give them all a big bear-hug! everyone enjoyed the games prepared by the Cuachon family and kuya Jetts and ate Rhona. i personally liked the Bring Me game with a twist. the food was also yummy; we all loved the mango crepes! even Manong Marisa, our suking ice cream merchant, was there to give us his famous ice creams!

after Caleb's, A and me headed to another birthday party! Dylann is my newest inaanak. he is a son of one of my closest friends in high school and in college. i played with him but he can't stop looking or staring at A with his big brown eyes. haha. he's such a cutie. too bad  i did not get to take pictures.

the last agenda of the day was to meet my tita, zyg and abby. :) we discovered this coffee shop in National Bookstore in Glorietta called illy. i've been on this coffee shop but in a different branch before. just in case you guys are sick of starbucks and milk teas (no offense) i urge you to try this shop. not only does the coffee and frappes taste good but also the pastries and cakes available. :)

the b-day celebrant Caleb (in Woody's costume) with his vary beautiful mom, ate Camille :)
panna cotta. :)
ham and cheese croissant. :) 
tiramisu. ;)
cheesecake. :)

here are some pictures of the day :)

i hope you guys had a great week end!

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