Friday, November 16

fastforward: update :)


do you guys remember the post i made last Semptember? :) 

about FAST FORWARD 2012. here's the link just in case you've missed it. :)

oh...the event was fantastically successful!
if i were to give a grade for it, its an A! 

i think i'll never get tired of saying this: i couldn't believe that i met the cream of the crop, the amazing, talented artists, directors and videographers who made their names by doing the things they loved most. all thanks to CANAAN CELEBRATIONS by Jets and Rhona. :)

some of them are the countries best advertising creators and directors. they are the masterminds behind each catchy and unique commercials aired on TV. *sigh. i really couldn't believe to meet them. plus we (the team) got to listen to their lectures! *yey! that's a bonus!

and let's not forget 2 of the renowned wedding videographers, Jason Magbanua and Ms. Sheena from Mayad Studios!!!!!!♥  why am i so excited about them? i'll just make a new post about that.☺

sorry for the long intro. i would just want to give you guys a gist of the event. :P 

here are some of the photos Kuya Jets took from his camera! thanks Kuya Jets!


with Jason Magbanua and ate Diane Reyes (who is also a photographer)

Ms. Sheena, Mayad Studios

eating lunch. ;) with Ate Rhona and Ate Diane

the TEAM! :) w/ Ates Diane, Helen, Ms. Sheena, Ates Sandra and Riza

the Team with AVID LIONGOREN! :) he's very very cool and very funny!

the Team with SID MADERAZO. :)

the Team with ACID HOUSE! :)

with Ate Anne Hilario, and Ate Diane :) 

hope you guys enjoyed the post! 
thank you!

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