Thursday, November 1


hello and good evening. :)

the 1st of november finally came. its all saint's day. a day of obligation as a Catholic. here in the Philippines we visit our beloved who passed away and are now with our Lord God. we bring candles and flowers to offer along with all the memories spent together while they were here on earth.

i have spent the last two years with A's family plus Jerick; joining them every year to visit their lolos and lolas. :) each year we will meet up at their place and headed 1st to Cementina, its a cemetery along Libertad in Pasay, to visit their great grandmother and great grandfather, Mamang and Papang. we'll pray for them and will reminisce stories from their childhood. funny ones too. 

after that will be the traditional FOOD TRIP. :) 

Libertad, a main road, will be closed during nov 1 and 2. thus vendors of different sorts will be in long lines selling their merchandise. the best thing about these "stores" are their cheap prices. you could buy cotton candy, potato twists, green mangoes, chicken skins, chicharon, barbecue, etc. mainly street foods. haha. :)

then we'll head to Sta. Clara Parish Column-barium to visit A's grandparents, Lola Aba and Lolo Pedro. we're also there to pray for ate Sarah's dad. 

after saying our prayers and spending time with them we'll get a bite @ Jollibee. here are some photos from Tita Agie's camera. :)

jerick, geli, me and A.♥
with tita Agie. :)
A&me, tita Agie & tito Tony, jek & geli
tomorrow we'll drop by my relatives :) i hope it won't rain. *cross fingers!

how did you spend your day? i'd like to know. :)


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