Thursday, February 28

ambrosial February! :P


before anything else let me quote Virginia Woolf. 

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” 

true enough, one cannot even bring him/herself to a proper start without food. food is both a physiological and anatomical need of our body for it to function properly; repair damaged tissues, send impulse from this area here to that area way over there, balance our walking, process information, etc. its simply a vital part of your biology.

have you been in a situation where in you are being shunned by one of your friends in a college group work, only to find out later that  particular classmate of yours didn't have lunch or something to it? food can affect one's way of thinking and reasoning that is why if you're hungry grab something to eat! you'll absolutely feel much better! 
just want to share with you guys 2 of the restaurants we have visited this month!

its a Thai fusion resto @ the newly opened Glorietta wing.
perfect combination of a light sweet and spicy Siam cuisine!

the set-up! gotta love it because its HOT PINK!♥

our entree:
top left: its a noddle dish topped with stir-fried chicken and veggies
top right: pork satay, its just like our bbq, but served with curry paste and chopped onions and chili.
bottom left: lemongrass-ginger fusion tea! :) yummy and really refreshing!
bottom right: its a Thai version of fresh spring rolls.

this is my first time in this resto because everytime i wanted to try it out, the lines are just too long!
now i know why.
i really enjoyed my dining!
prices are very reasonable, just try it out. :)

my recommendations:
try the CRUNCHY MAKI (either of the 3)- really mouthwatering!
ebi tempura. :)
teki-udon noodles
and gyoza
they are also serving milk teas! 

having a good meal in anytime of the day is your right as a human being! hahaha!
 my daddy's wisdom is this: "don't think twice about spending money on food. its good to have a nice full meal before you die than going in the afterlife famished!"
i know its a bit brutal but hey that's pretty much true! :) 

here you go! 
have a delightful meal everyone!

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