Monday, February 4

weekend hustle! :)


how are you? i hope everything is fine and cool! its getting warmer and warmer each day as we approach Ash Wednesday, that will be on Feb 13. so my fellow Catholics, prepare the palaspas

its been a busy 1st week of February for me as there was a wedding, voice lessons, and i finally got to watch Les Miserables! yey for me! that was the first movie i've watch this year! thank the Lord that i didn't miss that chance to watch the movie in the big screen, i'll definitely regret it if i did. so many words of compliment that i had in my mind to praise the movie, it will take the whole page, but for this entry i'll simply say, BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! :)

here are some picture of the activity-packed weekend! enjoy!

@the Cuachon's after choir practice with Sir Raffy Balagot


Canaan Celebrations by Jets & Rhona's couple for the week was Christian and Hazel. :) a very lovely and talented couple, who loves basketball so much they made it a theme for their big day! i was assigned at the reception so these are the things i loved so much from this week's wedding. :)
the cake topper was the exact replica of the couple!!! seriously! even the suit and the gown in detail! this was amazing! you could really say that the creators of this put in a lot of effort.

set up at the reception! :)

dinner c/o Hizon's catering.

this NBA inspired bouttoniere was done by etc. :) 


we arrived at the cinema by 8pm and the next and last screening time for LM was 8:30! so we decided to just grab a popcorn plus drinks and have dinner later. when the movie was finished everything in Walter Mart was closed! yikes! haha. 
GOOD THING A and I will eat anything and everything (edible that is)!
we had a super busog dinner for only 201php at Spare Strike!

model ng Coke? =)))

Sizzling Sisig and Crispy Binagoongan! *thumbs up!

i hope you guys had an amazing weekend!
i know i did!
thanks for reading!

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