Monday, February 11

BB fever! :)

hello! :)

hey guys! another February week gone and people are in for busy days that are coming up for the start of the Holy Week will be here in just 2 days! we are in a semi-state of pandemonium already; tasks here and there, practices and lectures are almost scheduled side by side, so in order for us "churchmates" to communicate well, we all decided to get the latest in the mobile and post paid plan there is! 
we got this little baby :)

its the new BlackBerry Curve 9220. :) look, i'm no tech-genius but i've got to say its sulit! using BB messenger we didn't need to try so hard to contact one another, plus this phone is also wiFi ready for you to access the internet. the camera is not bad at all and i must say that every app that is already installed in the device is useful!

i'm really glad that we decided to get it! 
if you're looking for a new phone, try a BB. :)
we can't get enough of its amazing features!
i know its quite late for me to be talking about this sort of topic but i'm really just awed with it!
i feel like a little girl again!
i hope you found something to be happy about too!

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