Monday, October 15

whew! :)

hello!!!! :)

its been a very long time since i've updated my blog due to a lot of events these past few weeks (not to mention my time spent on playing The Sims XD). 

here's my october breakdown of activities:

  • 1st stop was a wonderful coffee break with Epoy and sis Aly :) both are bloggers from the same neighborhood and we have opened a garage sale just for fun! (photos from Aly)

  • as most of you who regularly reads my blog knows that i work for CANAAN CELEBRATIONS by Jets and Rhona. it's a team of young professionals who are passionate in making a bride's dream wedding come true! the site will be uploaded and updated soon.
  • sooo...i have attended more than five weddings now and got to meet the couples. one couple namely ate JO and kuya ALLAN were extremely kind and understanding to us and the rest of the suppliers. both are beautiful in their own spikes and shards kinda way. :) cool motif.
  • here's a link to their prenup photos by J LUCAS REYES :) 
  • sir J's slideshow gave me goosebumps and got my eyes a bit misty. grabeee ang galing nya talaga. 
  • oh one of the highlights of my month is meeting the one and only RAMON BAUTISTA and TADO :) omg!!!
  • they filled the after party (ate jo and kuya allan's) with laughter and witty jokes that everyone totally enjoyed!

sooo...that's it for now :) 

more to come soon!


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