Monday, October 29

October birthday bliss :)


its been a while (again) haha. october was a very busy month for me, my family and friends due to all the birthdays that literally lasted for a week. everyday starting from the 18th up to the 24th of the month were special days of some of my dearest friends and my mom and tita gay.

not to mention the 7th, t'was the birth date of our beloved lola ganda. she was my daddy's mom and my favorite lola in the world. we are still celebrating her day ever since she reunited with our Lord way back on 2005. 

here are some photos of us celebrating. :)

Oct. 7: lola's b-day. after dinner we visited lola in St. Alphonsus in Magallañes, prayed the rosary together and then headed to Starbucks to have late night coffee and desserts.
(photos were taken via iPad, sorry for the noise) 

Oct. 18: tita olga's day. for lunch we ate at Rai Rai Ken in Magallañes and for dinner daddy cooked spaghetti and buffalo wings. :) plus we had chips with salsa and sour cream.

si mama, nakapikit nanaman haha. :)

Oct 21: Mama's day. :) we had dinner at Shakey's, again in Magallañes. :) 

sorry for the long post. its been a while since i've updated my blog. i hope you guys had a nice month. november is just around the corner. :) can't wait for Christmas! yey!


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