Tuesday, October 30

epoy-centrism. :)


its me again. :) time to share Epoy's 21st birthday celebration! *yey!

what's so special about him?

he's like Marlon (my BFF)..my brother from another mother. :)
A term used to describe a good friend that you have known almost your whole life. The word "brother" is used because the friend is extremely close to you to the point that he is almost like your brother--but from a different mother. And that rhymes. And you know that rhymes. Admit it!

i have known them almost my whole life and spent valuable time with me and my family. plus they fit snugly in my family's way of life. they're never strangers and never will feel like one. :)

epoy was surprised when the guys from Central sang him the b-day song! :))

just us. :)


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