Saturday, September 1

REVIVE! :) the 2012 medicine night

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. :)
that is my thought for the week. :) you see i've been complaining a lot about the school and other activities of the college but it seemed that it does not help me reach my goals. sorry kim. haha! but once i'd put my mind and effort (positive thinking) in finishing all of my task then that's the time that i'll accomplish everything. hooray! 

okay i'll stop with the blabbering and get on with the real deal. 

last saturday, despite of the busy schedule of exams and tons of readings, we celebrated or welcomed rather the newest members of the EAEC College of Medicine held at Spotlight (a function hall near Alphaland, Magallanes). Catering was done by Queensland and a mobile bar with unlimited shots and non-alcoholic drinks available for everybody above 18 that's for sure! :) and oh, the photo booth from Juan Click Photo Booth. so everything was set and we had the time of our lives!!! 

here are few photos :) 

with Sagar and Utsav

here with Sital, these guys (above) were with me at the registration booth. :) 
with A.♥
with the future doctors. :)
  • black baggy/layered top- from ukay. :) 
  • black tights
  • black boots from Forever 21
and to complete my look i wore eyeliner and blush! haha (ate jhing would have been proud of me because i am wearing make-up!) :]

so that's it for this post! thanks for visiting!


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