Monday, September 24

meet Fr. Edison.☺

hello people!

its been so long since i've updated my blog due a ton of reasons (mainly: lack of time) but i'm back. :) 

so this post is about the 15th sacerdotal anniversary our new parish priest, Rev. Fr. Edison Escario. 

 just in case you don't know what "sacerdotal" meant, well it is the special day when a man was ordained to be a priest. Padz (Rev. Fr. Dojie Asuncion) and Fr. Ed were classmates in the same seminary and share the same sacerdotal, September 20. 

the OLFP Events Team and the PPC were in charge of this event. it was held in our brand new parish church extension. *yey! remember the concerts held during the summer. all the proceeds were for the building of the extension. all of that singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and stuff were worth it. :)

here are some of the photos of that day, enjoy! :)

table arrangements by OLFP Events :)
Fr. Ed with ate jhing, angeli and me :)
first ever kulitan moment with Fr. Ed :) plus Bebe Frances
A, me, bebe and kuya Leo. :)
with Mr. Bean...uhmmm...i mean CHIMBY! :)
baby Jari!♥
with my Maestro.♥

For Ate Jhing's:
Blue Printed top
Dark skinnies
Studded heels
Silver Chandelier Earring

Plain White Dress- Petit Monde
Black Belt
Black Peep-toe flats- Monobo
*nevermind the hanky on the belt hahahah!
what i love about my dress:
  1. it has those big, puffy sleeves that could emphasize my broad shoulders BUT take note of the cut (faint yellow line on the sleeves) that gives the illusion of breaking the usual straight neck line and thus giving me a proportional shoulder.
  2. the dress came with a belt that gave me a waist. PS. i don't have one hahaha. i'll try investing on peplum skirts. :P
  3. lastly, it was my dad who pick out this dress for me. :)
so there you have it. sorry for the long post but i hope you guys could send me a feedback :) thank you for stopping by!

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