Monday, September 24

eaec medicine 2015...a letter

Dear EAEC Medicine Batch 2015,

Hello future doctors. How is everybody doing in there. I really do hope you guys are fine and triumphantly surviving the near-end of the semester. I am praying for each and everyone of you so stay strong. :)

I have been evading to say goodbye to you guys just because i think it will be unfair for you guys to be thinking about me leaving while you are already having too much important things to be worried about. Truly, i am really sorry for not saying goodbye. I don't like to think it will be the end of our friendship. Plus i don't want to cry. :( haha. Please understand that i am not leaving because i lost my desire to become a doctor, the dream still lives people, its just that i'm having troubles with myself. 

Its like i woke up one morning and realized that i don't wanna come to school anymore. Finances in my family is also becoming an issue.  Need to work for my lunch money because i personally think that it will help my dad save some of his hard-earned money for his retirement. He is not geting any younger and he's already feeling the pains of being fifty. 

Studying medicine while working on the side is quite impossible. So i just decided to stop for a while. :) i'll be bouncing back next year so don't worry, i'll graduate the year after you guys will. 

I also wanted to say THANK YOU to you. Yes, you. For making my life in eac dynamically colorful.  I may not be there with you physically but know that i will never forget you. I will forever be your friend. :)

I love you guys and i will miss you. I already do. :') 

Write to you guys soon!


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