Monday, September 3

a weekend @ the peninsula. :)

hello guys! :) 

well to start this entry i kinda missed school today due to GIT problems. :( now i'm a bit better. :)

sooo...last weekend i stayed at the Peninsula Manila with the family. :)

blessings truly come right on time and with God's will. i never expected something like this to happen during the week. i was told just last thursday that we will be spending the weekends at a luxurious 5-star hotel. :)

also during that day i was surprised by a huge mob of commuters especially students studying in manila who were crowding EDSA-Taft, only to discover that there was an accident in the LRT. sad. praying for that poor woman.

thank you Lord for that day, i got to enjoy the last day of August with my family. :) i could not think of any other way of ending this blessed month!

here are some photos from that weekend. :)
here i am having afternoon tea @ The Lobby with dad and mama
what i wore to Manila Pen. :)
nothing too fancy.
  • little miss teacher shirt from The Perfect White Shirt
  • colored denim- from ukay 
  • Tom's flats
okay....i did some school work during the night hehe
kai with his burger. :) room service haha!
i ordered chicken cordon bleu :)
me and mama :)

the lobby :)
for breakfast we dined at Escolta. :) it was a buffet with food choices from the Philippines and other international countries. *yum!

overall staying at the Manila Pen was a delight! if you have the time to drop by and have a meal at the lobby then please do. you won't regret it. :)

if you wish to look for more info about the hotel then click on the link below: 

thanks for reading! :)


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