Sunday, December 30

things that i did since the last post. :P


happy holidays people! i know everybody's busy this december, i know i was since i wasn't able to put up any posts...haha! sorry my bad. :)

anyway..i just want to share photos of the things i was busy about the whole 2 months of being blog-less. :)) 

@ tita Baby Geraldino's Surprise 60th birthday at Jolibee! 

kuya Butch and ate Liezel's wedding. :) 
preps: Frazier's 
church: Sanctuario de San Antonio
reception: North Forbes Pavillion

singing Christmas carols for our fund raising. :)

just a few photos to share with you guys. i hope you all had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year ahead!
i'll write to you soon!


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