Friday, October 21


What Kim Acosta Means:

K is for Keen
-i am a very enthusiastic person. i have my own initiative and responsiveness to situations that calls for my help but i could be very "impulsive" as well. :)
I is for Industrious
-you may also call me a "Jack-of-all-Trades." i am skillful but the one thing i did master is the art of teaching. yes...i am a TEACHER..soon to be MD. 
M is for Moral
-though i am not perfect, i do believe that my religion will lead me to it. =) i am a devout Catholic and PROUD!
A is for Amorous
-amor. =) love keeps me going.
C is for Complex
-simple yet complex...figure it out! :P
O is for Outgoing
-i loooooooovvvvvveeeeeeeeee activities!☺ anything under the sun, moon and stars. haha!
S is for Sweet
-kim is a sugary treat!♥ ask my boyfriend about it..haha. i love you Aaron!♥
T is for Thrilling
-i could get excited over a pistachio flavored ice cream. extreme rides could also induce the same effect. =)
A is for Altruistic
-i am unselfish. i serve and i don't count how many times i did it. i am happy to give my all for the people i love and sometimes even to the people i don't know. =) i call it sacrifice.☺

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  1. Hi ..selamat..
    mabuhay from jakarta...i'm Irsan..
    nice to know you here..and nice post..:-)
    hope to see u in FB too...coz, i want to
    know more about Manila also your country as well..