Thursday, May 15

Date with Mama: BORACAY 2014

I really don't know how this blessing came but it happened on one of the scorching afternoons, I was thrilled when my mom suddenly asked me if I want to go to Boracay with her and her friends for this summer. *MIND WENT BLANK HERE...hahaha before I immediately blurted out a big, fat, juicy YES! My excitement was understandable because it will be my first time to see the wonders of that internationally acclaimed, highly recommended white sand beach. 

Boracay  is a small island in the Philippines located approximately 315 km (196 mi) south of Manila and 2 km off the northwest tip of Panay Island in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines according to Wiki. It is a shame, I know, for a Filipino like me to miss out going to an amazing place like that but I do know that there is a time for everything. This summer was mine!☺☼

I just want to share some of the photos I took with the BB cam.

My flight to Boracay. :) Cebu Pacific Air

After arriving at Boracay Airport at the main land, I needed to take one of this boat rides to Boracay Island itself. It probably took me about 15 minutes. Adventure starts here

Mama fetched me at the port. :) She arrived a day earlier than me. Haha!

We stayed at the Elizalde Rest house :)

YEY! I finally made it! :) This was taken at 5pm. I loved the colors of the sky, blues, purples with hints of pink and orange from the setting sun!

Of course I needed to pass the opportunity of having the typical Starbucks, Ice Monster. Instead we ventured in trying out the fruit shakes! 

Here are the 2 mighty competitors that both claim to be the BEST FRUIT SHAKES in Bora. :)

Try this stone-oven baked thin crust pizza from CARUSO. :) This is heavenly!

Finally, dine in an authentic Thai resto located at D Mall. :) I am super lost for words when I tasted the rice with pineapples and chicken, the curry was delectable! Plus the papaya salad was refreshing and totally tasty! 

I would just like to clarify that my whole stay in Bora was dedicated in swimming, EATING, and shopping. :) I would try the activities like island hopping, helmet diving, etc. when I return with my friends.

You might boo me at this point but I really did enjoy the other side of the adventures by trying out the different restos and food kiosks the island has to offer, relaxing by the beach, stargazing, and walking by the beach at night. This vacation for me was relaxing and allowed me to listen to nature's silence. 

More from me soon! :)

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  1. Loved reading your thoughts on your Boracay trip, Kim. You're so gifted in writing. Kudos!!